Will Xact work for my tank?

Xact offers 2 different types of systems designed to accommodate nearly any LPG tank: 1.) Gauge Reader Systems and 2.) Ultrasonic (sonar) systems.

Xact systems were originally designed for the monitoring of LPG tanks, but can also monitor 

non-LPG fuel tanks if the tank meets the necessary physical or gauge requirements. If you are interested in monitoring a non-LPG tank, it is best to speak to an Xact support rep before purchasing to make sure the system will work for you.

Gauge Reader System Tank Requirements 

Xact offers 2 different types of gauge reader systems compatible with Rochester or Magnetel Remote Ready Dial faces.

1. XACT52060 - Gauge Reader for 2" - 4" Remote Ready Dial face. Typically used on residential and smaller commercial tanks.

2. XACT56060 - Gauge Reader Twinsite for 8" - 10" Remote Ready Dial face

If you have a compatible dial face on your tank, contact xactsupport@xact-data.com for more information.

Example of 2" Remote Ready Dial face



Ultrasonic (sonar) System Tank Requirements

Xact offers 2 different types of Ultrasonic systems. These systems have no dependency on an existing gauge or remote ready dial face.

1. XACT50060 - Small Tank Ultrasonic System:

  • Designed for residential and smaller commercial tanks 125 gallons to 2,000 gallons

2. XACT15096 + XACT31012 - Large Tank Ultrasonic System + Transducer sensor: 

  • Designed for bulk storage tanks 6,000 gallons to 90,000 gallons

Ask an Xact support rep at xactsupport@xact-data.com if you are unsure if the ultrasonic sonar system will work for you.