This article is intended to provide troubleshooting steps for the following circumstances:

  1. Newly installed monitors that have not received readings
  2. Monitors that were once reading but the readings have stopped
  3. Monitors that are still reading, but are not reading as scheduled

Newly Installed Devices -- No messages received yet

If you've recently installed a device but are not receiving messages to the Xact site, it's likely you need to push the commission message through using the Xact app. Take these steps to do so:

  1. Connect Android tablet used to install monitor to WiFi (or make sure in cell coverage if cell phone was used)
  2. Open Xact app
  3. Select the 'Verify Commission' menu.
  4. Look for the unit location or serial number that is not receiving readings. Note: if it was the most recent installed unit, it will be at the bottom of the list.
  5. Look for a message that will say "Not Commission" or "Commission Verified". If the unit says "Not Commissioned", select the unit.
  6. A window will open asking to push the commission message through. Select 'Accept'.

Device was sending messages, but the messages have stopped OR are not reading as scheduled


If your tank was once receiving messages and has now stopped, we suggest the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Verify the system is not damaged or has not come loose/off the system
  2. Confirm unit has clear "line of sight" to the sky. The unit needs this to communicate with satellites. Overhanging trees, nearby tall buildings, or even dense cloud coverage could prevent readings from getting through.
  3. Verify no moisture or ice has slipped inside of the unit. While these systems are water resistant, moisture can freeze or begin erode device components over time, causing a wide variety of issues. 
  4. Check the battery voltage. Batteries can begin to have issues sending messages to the satellite as high as 6.5V for ultrasonic systemsWhile we typically don't recommend replacing batteries until they fall below 6V for ultrasonic and 5V for gauge readers, anything under 6.5V could indicate the doesn't have enough power to send readings through the satellite network.
  5. Recalibrate and recommission systems.  


If you were once receiving messages and are no longer receiving them, try going through the general troubleshooting steps listed above. Verify that the device is accurately reading the gauge and that the commission message is able to get through to the Xact website

Batteries for Gauge Readers could begin to fail as high as 6.0V. While we typically don't see issues until units fall below 5V, it is possible for the unit to have power issues at battery life below 6.0V.

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