How the Xact Ultrasonic System Works



The Ultrasonic system mounts externally around the side of the tank. The sensor then Ultrasonic sensor self calibrates to send acoustic ‘Ping’ through tank wall and waits to receive return echo. Upon receiving the return echo, the System uses the recorded “Time of Flight” and the tank Geometry of to calculate fill level.

The Xact radio transmitter the sends this tank data, including fill level, battery voltage, tank temperature, and GPS coordinates, to the Xact monitoring portal via Globalstar satellite network.

Design Advantages

1. Increased Accuracy

Achieve ± 1-2% (compared to float gauge accuracy of ± 8-10%)

2. Easy installation

Magnetic attachments along with single safety strap which can all be installed within 30-40 minutes for bulk storage tanks and 15 minutes for small tanks 

3. Externally mounted

NO tank modifications. Enjoy ultrasonic accuracy without needing to retrofit or decommission tank.